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About me

Hi, I’m Melanie!

The person behind Backup up and go.

Travel is the longing for life, Kurt Tucholsky already said. I can only agree with him, because since I quit my job in 2015, my life has been one fantastic adventure! No two days are the same and I love my newly won freedom (which, between you and me, can sometimes be quite exhausting. Hard to believe, isn’t it?)

I am an absolute coffee junkie ☕️, Tuk Tuk enthusiast 🚛, pretzel lover 🥨und originally come from beautiful Bavaria, near Munich, Germany.

I feel at home all over the world and can no longer imagine a life without travelling – at least for now – at all.

Because I think: The world is simply too big and beautiful to stay in just one place!

When I started traveling in 2008, I did quite a bit wrong. Starting with the wrong choice of suitcase, backpacks & Co. up to a lot of uncertainty about the right travel equipment.

During my first big long-term trip to Australia in 2009, this led to that my already oversized suitcase (bordering on emigration), with its 65+ liters, too many clothes, my own duvet cover and pillow and generally far too much bells and whistles, simply was hopelessly overcrowded and overloaded. Have fun trailing and transporting! (<– Irony)

So that you don’t feel the same and are well informed, prepared and equipped right from the start, I would like to be exactly the reliable support for you with Backpack up and go that I would have wished for at the start of my travel life.

This is why globetrotters like you will find comprehensive knowledge about useful and practical travel equipment as well as many travel and country tips, including packing lists that I have tried and tested here on Backpack up and go.

Out of my passion for writing and travelling, Backpack up and go was born. An informative product and travel blog that takes up and thematises all the important travel-related topics for globetrotters, travel enthusiasts and holidaymakers like you!

For travel products I often test products myself, because they are things that have proven themselves on my travels and which I do not want to give away anymore. But I will also introduce you to travel equipment that I have found on the way and which I find very practical, useful and sometimes even funny. With my recommendations you can not only inform yourself comprehensively and prepare for your trip, but you might also have a great gift for a globetrotter!

In the packing lists you will find tips and tricks for packing based on my personal experience. They serve as a comprehensive checklist so that you have everything you need with you and don’t forget it at home. Of course, they are rather a guide and should be adapted or shortened according to your own needs and preferences. Because depending on where you are going, you don’t always have to have all these things with you.

In my travelogues you will find comprehensive tips on the different countries I have already visited. I’ll try to list everything you need to know about travel, transportation, visa, costs, hotels and much more so that you can prepare for your holiday!

On Backpack up and go you are exactly right, if …

  • you are looking for meaningful travel products and useful travel equipment.
  • you need efficient holiday packing lists and travel checklists.
  • you want to read interesting travel reports with numerous info’s about a country.
  • you want to know how to eat healthily on the go.

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About once a month there you will get not only recommendable information about practical travel products and packing lists, but I also tell you what challenges we always have to master on our travels, what annoys us, what is difficult at the moment, but also what was totally brilliant again!

Therefore I would be very happy to have you here!

All I need from you is your email address and the Travel Telegram 💌 will flutter at regular intervals to your email inbox 📬 (you can of course unsubscribe at any time – travel vow 💜).

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My favorite travel products


My absolute favorite travel backpack is the Osprey Fairview 40 (for women) or the Osprey Farpoint 40 (for men).

Even if it only has 40 litres, you can put a lot in it with clever packing!

It is an ideal companion for journeys with check-in luggage due to its stowable shoulder straps.

I can only recommend it to you!

Packing Cubes

I love them! They just keep everything in place and have been with me on every trip since 2016! I don’t even know how I got along without them before…

Chaos in the backpack? From now on it’s definitely a thing of the past, because with these packing cubes all your clothes stay in place!

Toiletry Bag

I don’t want to give away my Wash Center I toilet bag from Deuter anymore, because I’ve been looking for one like this for a long time.

The Deuter Wash Center I is small, but big enough and spacious to store all your important beauty products.

Its size makes it easy to store in a travel backpack and is suitable for both men and women!

Plus: It is hangable.

eBook Reader

Without my eBook Reader – I have the Kindle Paperwhite (an old model, I know, but it still works like the first day!) – I don’t go anywhere.

Far too often and with pleasure I sink into reading of any kind. And my reading list gets longer rather than shorter. Yours too?

Can we get started?

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