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Affiliate Links and Cooperations

The topics of advertising and mandatory labelling on the web are highly discussed. Unfortunately, there are still no clear statements and guidelines on how we bloggers should label various topics. So that you are informed in the future, which advertising forms I use on Backpack up and go and how I mark them, I list them to you here.

Where does a recommendation end and where does advertising begin? From a legal point of view this is not always easy to answer and there is a lot of reporting, discussion and puzzling about it online.

Imagine: The two of us sit together for a beer and I tell you how enthusiastic I am about my new daypack, where I bought it and how great my road trip through New Zealand was with it. The next day you go out and get the same backpack or a similar one from the same manufacturer. Did I give you a recommendation or is it a so-called “commercial communication”? Finally you are tempted to buy. Even if it is a recommendation beforehand.

According to the Telemediengesetz, commercial communications must be clearly identifiable as such (source:, § 6 Special information requirements for commercial communications).

And because you can’t say that legally 100% sure if it’s a recommendation or a commercial communication on my part (also because I could earn commission on the recommendation), I just want to play it safe.

That’s why all my articles that you can read on Backpack up and go about travel products, packing lists, travel tips, travellogues are marked with a corresponding advertising notice right at the beginning, which reads: Information about advertising on this page.

On Backpack up and go there are two different types of advertising:

Affiliate links and cooperations.

If, as mentioned above, I am so convinced of a product and would like to recommend it to you, I will include the product and the corresponding product link in my articles.

This happens in two different ways:

  • In-Text product links (you can recognize them by the following icon: affili-icon  )
  • Product boxes with price comparison

When you click on the link/product, I will redirect you to the seller’s platform (e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc.) and you will have the opportunity to view the product directly online and compare prices. With my product recommendations, I don’t just want to give you tips, but to support and advise you comprehensively in your purchase decision. The products linked by me do not only serve you for orientation, but also for finding the product or similar products quickly. And of course you can always contact me by comment or mail if you have further questions!

If you then buy via one of my affiliate links, I receive a small commission from the respective platform for the referral.

However, this does not make the presented products more expensive for you and of course there are no extra costs for you, nor are there any hidden costs before or after!

Of course, all linked and presented products are products that I either have, use or could test in advance or that were recommended to me by friends on whose opinion I trust. That is a matter of honour for me!

You’ll also find articles on Backpack up and go in which I compare products with each other. These are products and things that are at the top of my own wish list and that I would like to have. I then compare these with products of other manufacturers and search through various test reports to be able to list the pros and cons and/or their characteristics. So you save yourself the trouble of searching and comparing and know immediately which product is the best for you!

And to make the whole thing even more transparent, I’ll list the affiliate programs I’m a partner of in here:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Get your Guide

Advertisements & cooperations on Backpack up and go

In addition, I also put products on Backpack up and go that I get provided by companies to test it. Such a product will always be clearly marked as advertising in the text.

Also with my advertising and cooperation articles you can rely on the fact that it is always my own opinion and recommendation and that the company has not influenced the content of my article in any way (not even a tiny bit).

If I am not (partially) convinced of a product, I communicate this openly in the corresponding article, so that you can decide for yourself whether the presented product is ultimately something for you and you want to buy it or not.

By reading my blog and buying products through my affiliate links, you help me keep going Backpack up and go and fill it with lots of practical and useful information about travel products, travel gear, packing lists and travel reports for you. And for that I’d like to say thank you very much! Because without you, that would not be possible! 💜