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FAQ: Your questions – my answers.

Since I’ve launched Backpack up and go, I’ve been receiving emails with various questions about the blog, my start in blogger life, my career and much, much more. To shed some light on this (and to satisfy your curiosity 😉) here are all my answers to your questions! And that quite openly and honestly from A to Z. Ready? Then let’s get started!

Personal questions

Where exactly from Lower Bavaria do you come?

Oh yes, in my heart I am a Lower Bavarian! I love the Bavarian Forest and the many different dialects that can be found in our region. (And besides, the Bavarian dialect is also the best.)

My heart city is and remains Deggendorf (that’s where I studied) and I always look forward to visiting home when we meet with friends there or go away in the evening.

Do you travel alone? Or with a partner?

So in the unlikely event that you have completely overlooked this in my posts: I mostly write “we” 🙂 And we in this case are my husband Florian and me.

We have known each other since our studies and have been a couple for more than 11 years. We have been married for almost five years. And we wouldn’t be us if we hadn’t done it twice in five years. Yep, right read: We once said yes with family, relatives and friends in Germany and once very spontaneously only the two of us and with a wedding speaker at Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. With the latter with a bouquet of flowers of the Discounter and a dress of the bar. Yep. Just had surrendered like that!

In short: Florian is my partner in Crime.

Wedding Cape Town; South Africa;
Wedding at Boulder’s Beach, South Africa.

What do you do when you don’t blog or travel?

I like to read a lot and therefore always have at least one book ready to read. But I also like to lose myself in the infinite vastness of travel products and I can also inform and research a topic, a product or a service for several hours. Yes, you could see that as work again, but it’s also a lot of fun for me personally!

In addition, I like to be among people and have to fill up my social barometer regularly. That’s why we like to work from CoWorking Spaces, because there you get to know so many like-minded people. But we also like to meet old and new people for a coffee or a drink. And yep, I rarely say no to coffee or beer – and even less to good company!

Questions about business

Were you always travelling or what were you doing up in front of your backpack?

It would be nice! But no, I’m not “always” on the road. I studied media technology and shortly after graduating I started my own business together with my husband Florian with an online shop for tea. Since the whole thing was unfortunately more difficult than expected, I looked around for a job. And since I happened to find a job that seemed to be made for me, I finally changed to employee life. For 3.5 years I then worked for an international company in the field of corporate communications. Among other things, I wrote press articles, maintained and expanded the website and took part in trade fairs.

Since when have you been a blogger and how did it happen?

Since our semester abroad 2009 in Australia Florian and I regularly dreamed of the big, wide world. But this dream never let us go again. When I finally quit at the end of 2015 for exactly this reason in order to finally be able to go travelling (before you ask: Yes, I was incredibly scared of it!), I thought that my own blog would be somehow cool.

Firstly, to keep family and friends up to date and secondly, because I generally enjoy writing just as much as I read and tell stories. But at that time I would never have dreamed that this “hobby” would develop into my own business.

Do you actually work alone on all the content or do you have employees?

Yes, I work alone (so far) and no, I have no employees. This is often quite stressy time-consuming, because the research, the preparation, the photo selection, the writing, the editing and the setting and in form bring of the article, takes much more time, than one probably would like to believe, but every time a new post to a new destination or a great product goes online, my heart also opens! Especially if I get comments and emails that agree, ask and are interested.

In addition, there is the work for my germanPodcast Rucksackg’schichten, which started in January, the preparation of images for various online media and the regular production of the Newsletter.

And don’t forget: The technology and the further development of the functionalities. Because even what you don’t see up and away on your backpack needs to be updated, improved and kept up to date. But I get active support from Florian, my personal Obi Wan, when it comes to code. What the lightsaber is for Obi Wan, the keyboard is for Flo. (… and sometimes it even floats!)

What software do you use to run your blog? Is that hard or can you teach yourself?

I’m glad you asked! Rucksack up and away runs on the content management system (short: CMS) WordPress. I love WordPress because it’s so easy! And yes, you can too. So create your own website or blog.

Florian and I have created a basic course in which you can learn in an uncomplicated way how the rabbit runs and what you have to pay attention to when creating it. From installation to (technical) setup, design, content creation and menu creation. Are you interested? Then take a look here: (german).

Can you live off your blog? Or how do you earn your money?

Reasonable question! At the moment I can live about 3/4 of my Blog. And I owe that not least to you! Therefore: A big thank you, thank you, thank you! 💜(I like to buy you a cup of coffee when we cross paths!)

In my articles and reports you will always find partner links to products and services of which I am convinced myself and which I therefore gladly recommend to you. If you buy the product or book the service via such a link, I get a commission for it. In addition, I receive income from my digital products, such as my books (german), or from sponsored blog posts for companies. (You can read more about the topic “Advertising on Backpack up and go” here .)

As I said, the revenues are not 100% sufficient yet, so I still offer my services as a freelancer for WordPress to customers and support the creation and maintenance of websites.

Questions about travelling

You write about many different countries. Where do you like to travel?

This is a difficult question, which is not so easy to answer! In the end there hasn’t been a country that I (or we 😉) didn’t like yet.

But our heart is very attached to Australia, because that’s where it all started. And at some point we will surely visit the country at the other end of the world again.

One of my favorite cities is also Chiang Mai in Thailand. As I really like to eat, Chiang Mai is just a land of milk and honey for me! Besides, I’m always unbelievable there, so really incredibly productive and focused! So I killed two birds with one stone! Chiang Mai, respectively Thailand in general, is gladly my all-year goal and I notice, how it pulls me nicely slowly times again there (last time we were there in the middle of 2018) …

But: In recent years we have also discovered Europe more and more for ourselves. We also liked South Africa. You see: Difficult question! It will definitely not be boring.

Which destinations are still on your list that you want to see?

All clear: Canada, the USA and Mongolia.

I would love to explore the first two on a road trip. Ideally with a camper, in order to be able to stop easily at all the big and small beautiful places.

How are you insured while travelling? Does the German health insurance cover you or do you need something else?

An important question. As long as you are in the EU, the German health insurance covers cases of illness. However, if you stay longer or indefinitely outside the EU, you will need international health insurance.

How do you get money on the way and have you ever had problems with it, e.g. a stolen credit card?

We have been using the free credit card from comdirect Bank for years and are more than satisfied with it. So far we never had any problems.

The only thing that happened while travelling was in Bali. There our credit card data was stolen and “secretly” debited. But since we check the account statements regularly, we quickly found out, informed the comdirect bank and they got us the money back in no time.

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What, you have further questions? Then send them to me with pleasure by mail or write them below in the comment area – I am already looking forward and am curious, what you want to know still so everything!